Blog Features

So here's a list of things this blog will feature as well as details on how to contact me if you want me to review a book. 

-Book reviews will be posted when possible, at least two a week. I wish it was more but school does take up a bit of my time unfortunately. 

-A Bunch of Books (similar to IMM) will be hosted on Sundays but I renamed it for my blog.

-Cover Reveals will be posted when I find out about them to let you know my thoughts and for me to hear yours.

-The latest trailers for books-to-films that we'll be looking forward to.

-I'm hoping that as my blog grows with popularity I will be hosting author interviews and reviewing books that aren't out yet (my dream).

Review Policy

-I review books to spread word of them. If they're good I will sing my praises and give an honest opinion of what I thought. 

-I read YA paranormal romance, urban fantasay, contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy. I tend not to read Adult novels but I do if there happens to be a paranormal or mythical undertone. 

-Unfortunately I can't accept E-books because I don't own an E-reader (as I am trying to keep the written word alive). But if there is a book I want to review my sister has said I may borrow hers. 

-If you ask me to review a book I will try to read it within a few weeks of the publication date if it is an ARC but if it is not then as soon as possible.

-I don't always check my emails daily due to my work load as a student but if I don't reply after a week then I am not interested in reviewing the book because it doesn't interest me. 

-The reviews will be posted on the blog and also my Goodreads account. My ratings can be seen underneath:

-To contact me you can email me at ginad (at) sky (dot) com. 


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